The Issue

The influx of people into urban areas continues,
and thus the demand for single households steadily increases.
Meanwhile, housing is becoming more and more costly.
With living space often being limited in cities,
the issue of housing is becoming a very important topic for
people and society in the coming decades.

This is our approach to tackling this issue.

The solution

Immoerfolg GmbH is a specialized real estate developer located in Vienna, Austria. Hans Pfeffer, as the founder and CEO of the company made it his goal to provide an easy and economically viable way to acquire furnished living space. The concept combines being flexible enough for short- or longterm living with being easy enough to acquire in almost no time and without the need to invest into your own furniture.

After a few years of planning and building, that vision became reality in 2007 when the doors of our first apartment house opened – meeting all the requirements that were aimed for in the process. Soon, the first tenants populated the building and planning could begin for the next ones.

Hans Pfeffer wants to see this successful concept of providing flexible living space at low cost grow and become more internationally used in the future. “The problem of increasing need for living space for singles at a fair rate is a very common one among almost all large cities in Europe”, he says.

Shared apartments are not the only solution to society’s growing desire for individuality, and the success of Hans Pfeffer’s vision suggests that this concept may well be preferrable to many. See for yourself and visit the new home to our brand:!

Who is the target group of this investment?

Our target group are investors and investment consortiums that are already actively working on their success. It is investors who are not satisfied with a return of 2%. It is investors who want to play their part in social success. It is investors who know that it is worthwhile to fall back on existing know-how and use it. But above all it is investors who plan for the long term and invest accordingly.

Why does an investor need you?

This is, indeed, the most important question. There are so many pitfalls and so many little aspects that need to be considered in the very beginning of these projects. For instance, if your apartment is too large, it will dramatically impact your profit. Or if the location for your building is not at the right spot, it will be tough to achieve a high rate of rented out apartments. This is exactly where our knowledge and experience come into play.
15 years of expertise in this very specific field is a milestone and can help investors gain years on the competition and straighten out their yield fast.

How do you make this know-how available?

While we have put together our knowledge in meticulous detail and are happy to share it in written form, we also offer personal supervision every step along the way – from start to the finish line. With correct application being one of the most important steps to a project’s success, we are positive that we can lead any dedicated investor to great success.